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Executive summary

"Our company serves as an educational service provider, offering consultations through the organization of camps in various fields of study.

These camps play a crucial role in helping students unearth their identities and tap into their potential with exceptional quality. Functioning as an educational guidance center, we adeptly steer individuals towards the realization of their

life goals across all dimensions. Furthermore, we actively cultivate advantageous skills for aspiring learners who aim to pursue higher education at the university level, ensuring a high level of efficiency."

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Market Analysis

Offline customer group

"The offline customer group is experiencing moderate growth and holding significant interest, necessitating expansion during the semester opening period. Additionally, there is widespread referral activity from parents."

Customer Group from the Website

"The customer group from the website is experiencing slight to moderate growth. The contributing factor is that the proportion of website users is smaller compared to other customer groups."

Customer Group from the Application

"The customer group from the mobile application is experiencing moderate to significant growth. This is due to the increased usage of social media, allowing the company to deliver advertisements to this group visibly, as the rate of social media usage has risen."